About Reptile Mania

Barry, the owner of Reptile Mania, sitting with a juvenile iguanaReptile Mania is a privately owned specialist pet shop. We don’t deal in furry pets (unless you count the tarantulas!), just in Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates.

We have been trading in Whittlesey since 2010 and have established a good reputation for sound advice, excellent service and a friendly smile!

I am Barry, the owner and day to day manager of Reptile Mania, although I am ably assisted by several other people on a part time basis. See some of the regular helpers on the Staff page.

We deal in livestock native to countries all over the world, but do not normally deal in wild caught animals, except in the rarest of tightly controlled circumstances (for example, we may stock wild caught animals that have been confiscated by Border Control and subsequently released to the trade, or may agree to take specific animals that were originally wild caught but have been in captivity for a long time, where the owner can no longer care for them).


We supply a full range of equipment for all types of animals and try to be competitive on price with other outlets. Though we don’t carry massive stock levels, we can usually get something in to order within 24 hours, if necessary. All the main product lines are kept in stock.

All types of feed are available: live foods (crickets, locusts, meal worms, morio worms etc); frozen mice, rats and rabbits in stock, other frozen rodents to order; dried food for tortoise, turtles etc – anything you could possibly want! Fresh supplies of live food are delivered weekly each Tuesday.