The Staff

A picture of Barry, looking at a bearded dragon

Barry Wainwright

Owner and manager of Reptile Mania. Barry has been a reptile enthusiast for more than 40 years.

Personal pets include Royal Pythons, Bearded Dragons, Burmese Pythons and ‘Big Daddy’ the Argentinian Tegu. Big Daddy is a popular fixture round the shop, where he is allowed to roam free through the day.

He started Reptile Mania from scratch in 2010 and is always happy in his ‘work’!


Dawn Fox

Dawn was one of Reptile Mania’s first customers, and rapidly became helper, assistant and deputy in quick succession! It is Dawn who looks after the shop when Barry has to go away.

Her own personal collection has risen as high as 30+ animals in the past! She currently keeps a Boa, a Burmese Python, a couple of Boscs Monitors, a female Argentinian Tegu and several chameleons!


Sam ClephaneSam Clephane

Sam is currently studying Animal Welfare (Level 1) at New College Stamford and comes to Reptile Mania on Fridays for Work Placement.

Sam enjoys working with reptiles. He has kept a Royal Python as a pet for seven years.





kimKim Fountain

Kim is currently studying Animal Welfare (Level 2) at New College Stamford and comes to Reptile Mania on Tuesdays for Work Placement.

Kim first encountered Reptile Mania at a show event at Dobbies Garden Centre in Peterborough. She hasn’t got any reptiles yet, but is saving up to her first one – a Brazilian Rainbow Boa that has captured her heart!